• How It Works




    Farmers and producers create a data entry point for the food the have produced.


    Pay Online

    Through scanning a code on the food package it can be tracked all the way through the supply chain



    The end consumer can then scan the code of the product with their smart

    phone and see the origin and story of the food.

  • What We Do

    Creating trust between the farmer and the consumer

    Traceability and transparency

    Bringing the work of Irish food producers to forefront

    Farmers sign up to Anú's traceability platform, this allows us to have real time data on what's happening on the farm and allows the customer to see the impact that the food has.

    Food Service

    Full tracking and data

    For restaurants that are subscribed to the platform there is control over where the food originated and the ability to connect the story of the food to the customer.

  • Profiles

    We've got a top notch team!

    Kevin Kennedy


    Kevin started Anú in 2016 with a vision to bring greater awareness of the positive role that cows can have on human and environmental health

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