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    100% Organic milk from 100% grass-fed cows

    Vitamin K2 Butter

    Strong at Heart

    Ireland's first organic buttery has a smooth creamy taste and an added health benefit, Uniquely rich in Vitamin K2.



  • What is Vitamin K2?

    Vitamin K2, found in animal and dairy products works in the body much like a traffic light system directing calcium to where it's needed most; into your bones where it helps to build and maintains healthy bones.

    Heart Health

    It keeps calcium out of your blood vessels preventing build up which would cause heart disease.

    Insulin Sensitivity

    K2 helps helps you make insulin and remain very sensitive to insulin. This means it helps stabilize your blood sugar, protects against diabetes, as well as preventing the metabolic problems that often arise as a consequence of obesity.

    Teeth and Bone health

    At the same time Vitamin K2 helps transfer calcium into your bones and teeth, making your bones strong and your teeth resistant to cavities.

  • Vitamin K2 links and studies.

    It's all backed up.

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