• A Vitamin K2 rich butter from the lush pastures of Ireland

    Anú Dairy

  • Using Organic milk to make the worlds most premium Butter that is rich in Vitamin K2.

    Certified process ensuring the highest quality

    Soil Health

    It starts with Soil, The earth has evolved with large herbivores, they play and integral part in cycling nutrients and burying carbon.  


    High in nutrients such as Vitamin K2, Cla, butyrate and Omega 3 essential fats butter is a delicious and nutritious food source.

    What is Vitamin K2

    Vitamin K2 has many roles but of interest is its ability to direct calcium into your bones and away from soft tissues including your Heart.

  • Grazing grass to reverse climate change

    A new approach to saving the planet

    How it works




  • Executive Profiles

    People behind Anú dairy Butter

    Kevin Kennedy


    Kevin Kennedy is the CEO of Anú Dairy

    Cathy Barry


    Waterford born Cathy Barry is Anú dairys Financial director and Operating manager

    Stephen Forrest 

    Head of Grassland research 

    Stephen comes from a strong farming background with massive experience in sports turf at the highest level. 

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